The Normal Heart, fans of Game of Thrones were forced to take the week off without a new episode. This allows us time for reflection. While the headlines all feature Tyrion Lannister’s trial and fate, as someone who has not read the books and is enjoying watching the events of Westeros unfold, allow me to offer speculation on where three other lost characters are headed.   [caption id="attachment_1220" align="alignleft" width="150"]Arya Arya[/caption]   Arya: She’s been on the run since the first season and a crowd favorite ever since. Under the Hounds tutelage she’s becoming ruthless. And who can blame her? I am convinced by the end of this season we will be emotionally torn as this loyal lost sprite becomes a cold-hearted killer and ends up knocking off another beloved loyal character over a tragic miscommunication. Brienne anyone? [caption id="attachment_1218" align="alignright" width="275"]Jon Snow Jon Snow[/caption] Jon Snow: Sent to the Wall with all other lost outcasts, it’s getting a lot harder to care about his storyline anymore. He swore his oath, but now that we know the whole order of the Night’s Watch only chooses to enforce it’s oath’s and laws when it’s convenient makes it harder to trust their purpose. (Hmm, reminds me of something else…) He needs to stage a mutiny of some sort and turn the Watch into something interesting again.   [caption id="attachment_1219" align="alignleft" width="275"]Theon Greyjoy Theon Greyjoy[/caption] Theon Greyjoy/Reek: Held in captivity and brainwashed to be a slave by another name. Theon is a great character who began as a friend, became ruthless, and has begun to garner sympathy for his current situation. His character arc is one of the reasons why I have thoroughly enjoyed the series. The ability to capture the nuances of human nature and deliver them unfiltered is great storytelling. I suspect a merciful death at the hands of his sister.   I gleefully await the return of the series next week. Please, share below which characters and their fate have garnered your interest. Oh, and can we all be honest and agree that we’ve missed the little tyrant Prince Joffrey since his wedding day? We need someone to love-to-hate again.  ]]>

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