unnamedThe Old:  If you haven’t seen “The Evil Dead” you’ve surely heard of it.  Sam Raimi’s cult film from 1981 was not quite what you would call a box office success.  Now, over 30 years later, it has gone down as one of the most classic independent horror films of that generation.  Of course the dark humor from Bruce Campbell is what really makes this film stand out amongst the contenders of the same genre.  It could also be the campy thrill ride that came as a result of the extremely low-budget quality.   unnamedThe New:  Last year saw the return of this horror classic in the form of a reboot (surprise, surprise) only this time, the reboot actually did the original justice.  With a cast of relatively unknown actors, the reboot creates a dramatic story of a girl trying to kick a drug addiction with the help of her brother and their friends.  What better place to do that than in a creepy, secluded cabin in the woods?  Naturally, the “Book of the Dead” is discovered and the possession by proxy ensues.   The Verdict:  With many strong homages to its’ source material, “Evil Dead” (dropping the “The” for modernity’s sake) surprisingly surpasses the original in the creepy atmosphere department.  Although it does mostly abandon the dark humor and takes itself (maybe too) seriously, the remake deserves a bit more credit than most other recent horror reboots.  Fede Alvarez stylishly directs a talented group of young up-and-coming talent and provides more than a couple of outrageously maniacal set pieces to leave you chilled to the bone.  Of course, there’s no Bruce Campbell…but this trailer does should sufficiently creep you out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKFDkpHCQz4]]>

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