unnamedThis one popped up on my radar just recently and it looked intriguing, mostly because of the cast.  Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader play the aforementioned “skeleton twins” Maggie and Milo, respectively.  From the get-go we see that they are being reunited for the first time in ten years.  Although it’s not clearly stated why, one could assume that, based on the following dialogue, Milo is moving in with Maggie and her husband Lance (Luke Wilson) because his dream career of being an actor took a nosedive and he has since left Los Angeles.  As the story unravels, we learn that Maggie has also had her fair share of tribulations, in that she has not been totally loyal to Lance, something that earns her a scolding from her brother.  Despite the heavy and moderately depressing subject matter, the trailer keeps a light tone throughout.  There’s a great scene with Milo making an attempt to cheer up Maggie by lip syncing to an old song, which Maggie reluctantly gives in to, resulting in an odd, but uplifting sibling dance party. A lot of this film looks like it’s been done before, with the estranged family members coming back together, only to find out that all they’ve really needed all along is each other.  Then voila! They all live happily ever after.  That’s not to say that there isn’t some draw to this movie in the cast, which is really all it has going for it.  Kristen Wiig has made a turn to the indie scene recently, but she’s always watchable in my opinion.  This is also one of Hader’s first leading roles, since he’s mostly known from his SNL days and a few supporting roles. Hopefully he bodes well with such a stellar supporting cast behind him like Wilson and Ty Burrell. I guess we can all find out for ourselves this Friday, September 12th!  Although it’s a limited release so some of you may have to wait for DVD…sorry if I got your hopes up.  Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhULZJDXLaE]]>

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