unnamedBefore reading this, you should all “exorcise caution.” Ha! Well, I wish I could take credit for that pun, but it’s the tagline for this week’s trailer.  And I didn’t just choose it because I was a very hard-working (unpaid) PA on the film! For you horror buffs, this one actually has a tinge of originality to it. If the title didn’t tell you enough already, here we have yet another found-footage demonic ghost story.  However, this one seems to have a bit of a human twist to it. From the opening sequence, we wouldn’t expect what we are seeing to necessarily be a horror film.  A family holds an intervention for their daughter Carson. They go around and tell her that they love her and that they are concerned for the downward spiral she is on with drug use.  She definitely does not respond well, physically attacks her best friend.  Cut to some strange, haunting music as Carson moves into a rehabilitation center followed by a camera crew.  A young crewmember appears to develop some personal feelings for Carson.  He discovers that she may actually be suffering from demonic possession and has been using the drugs to subdue the “inner demons.”  As Carson’s sponsor and other supporters try to help her get sober, they simply end up letting the demons take control by taking her off the drugs.  Which doesn’t seem to end well for many of the cast members as the trailer ends with a series of shots, including bloody fighting, stabbing, running and screaming.  All the makings for an entertaining demonic thriller! unnamed-1I’m not a huge fan of the music choice for this trailer and the editing could definitely use some fine-tuning.  I personally prefer fast-paced action-type thrillers (see the trailers for “Scream” or the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” 2003 remake).  However, I do like this element of drug addiction that hasn’t been done before, which looks like it could offer up some great thrills.  With a totally unknown cast and an up-and-coming director, this could easily be one of the indie horror films that accrues a cult following. Curious if you’ll be one to jump on the bandwagon? Well, head over to amazon.com and you can watch it right this very moment on Amazon Instant! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upTsBfMW5A4  ]]>

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