unnamedLoosely based on the theme park of the same name, “Tomorrowland” is an adventure story of a young girl who can travel to and fro between our world and…well…Tomorrowland. Opening on a young girl Casey (Britt Robertson) being released from some sort of juvenile detention center, we see she’s obviously been through some stuff. As she collects her belongings before being let go, there’s a small pin left behind, which she adamantly claims does not belong to her.  Without thought, she grabs the pin to bring it to the officer’s attention and in that instant, she is momentarily transported to another world.  So Casey has the natural reaction of one who is instantaneously transported to another world and FLIPS out. When she drops the pin on the ground, she immediately finds herself back in the detention center.  Cue the mystery music and a voiceover from the enchanting George Clooney, who asks us, “What if there was a miraculous place where you could actually change the world?”  All of this plays over some beautiful scenery of Casey once again touching the pin and finding herself in what is assumed to be Tomorrowland.  It’s a “magical” place alright from the looks of it, although she’s seemingly standing in some sort of wheat field. But as we pan around, we see a large city far in the background.  Cut just in time to see a glimpse of Clooney’s character asking an un-seen character if they would “want to go” to this miraculous place. Then,  “TOMORROWLAND” fades into the screen. [caption id="attachment_1795" align="alignright" width="350"]Walt Disney World Tomorrowland Walt Disney World Tomorrowland[/caption]

Boom. Done. Sold.

This trailer (or teaser rather) was so simple, yet so effective. I wish there were more out there like this.  This is the kind of creativity that will get people to pay the $15 to go see this thing!  Not only is it directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles), but the imagery is stunning to watch and the editing was seamless as Casey jumped between the real world and Tomorrowland.   Maybe I am biased, but if all creative teams would take the understanding that less is more and stop revealing TOO much information months before the release of the film, they might actually see a hike in profit, as people may actually feel the need to see the film instead of feeling like they watched the whole thing in two minutes! Whew, I digress. Anyway, if any of you Hollywood producers out there end up reading this, you can give me the credit for boosting your ticket sales. I’ll definitely be catching this one next year. Anyone else!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k59gXTWf-A]]>

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