Daniel Radcliffe is shedding his little boy fame and taking on a much creepier, and much less British role in his latest film “Horns.” unnamed-4Up until now, I hadn’t known much about this film. Granted this trailer has been out for a while, but I wasn’t all that intrigued by the things I had seen or read on this movie.  Naturally, I didn’t know what to expect going into this trailer for the first time, but if you go in with low expectations, you might just find yourself pleasantly surprised! The first thing that popped up on my radar was Daniel Radcliffe’s American accent (which actually isn’t that bad, but it does catch you off guard a bit).  He’s in love with a girl and he promises to love her for the rest of his life…but all that she asks is that he loves her for the rest of hers. Aww…cue the stormy night and gruesome murder scene.  The love of his life is naturally killed approximately 2 seconds later while the two are secluded in the middle of the woods together.  The small town is rocked by this and Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) instantly becomes the main suspect.  But he knows he didn’t do it (and I suppose we are to assume the same thing).  He’s enraged by the death of his girlfriend and he wants the head of the man responsible.  So, like any vengeance-fueled boyfriend, he starts to grow horns as some sort of physical manifestation of his anger.  Now I will say this trailer does showcase some great editing and creates a creepy atmosphere.  You really feel Ig’s passion for discovering the true murderer, making you sympathize when he starts to go all unnamed-6demonic and lose his mind.  Cut to a quick, but effective, montage of him terrorizing some locals and screaming at no one in particular about what really happened the night of the murder, all leading up to a final glance at what he’s really turning into, which is some ultra-creepy devil-looking thing.  I’m a fan! Although this trailer does have its fair share of cliché-ridden plot points, it did offer up enough originality to make me want to check it out.  It looks pretty creepy and the special effects look rather decent for such an indie project.  I’m not sure if Radcliffe’s intention is to try and fully rid himself of the Potter perception, but maybe after seeing the film we’ll finally be able to perceive him as an adult! This one already hit theatres on Halloween in a limited release, so check it out while you still can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk1jwMxSd94]]>

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