Well, as many of you have probably caught on, I typically reserve “Trailer Tuesday” for whatever hot new blockbuster is about to hit theatres and give it an in-depth, philosophical and life-changing analyzation. (Sarcasm).  However, this week, I’ve decided to give some love to the little guy…because that’s what we all consist of, isn’t it? Little guys (and girls) trying to make it in a big world. Alright that’s enough philosophy.

In an attempt to compete with, or rather pull attention away from, the impending phenomenon that is the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film franchise, this little indie film called “Old Fashioned” does something unique with its’ trailer. I came across this while perusing the Apple trailers page and was surprised to see such small project getting some love from the Apple monster. 50ShadesVsOFSmall There is no dialogue in this trailer, and it makes direct comparisons to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books and film, in that it prides itself on being the exact opposite.  Title cards and clips of a young love flourishing roll over a nifty, heartfelt soundtrack that these producers probably found on a royalty free website of some sort.  Either way, I applaud their efforts.  They take the stereotypical characters of the “Fifty Shades” series and intentionally draw attention to the fact that these characters are sincere, innocent, realistic people just looking for love in a…well…old fashioned way.

As far as story, what I gather it to be is a kind businessman is jaded on the “love” subject, until he comes across a cute, mid-western style girl who changes his viewpoint on all things romance and hand-holding. *Tear*.  In all honesty, it looks like something that should be going straight to Lifetime, and then to a $5 DVD bin, but I say this strictly from a production quality point of view. Again, I fully admire and endorse what these filmmakers are aiming to achieve.  Their goal seems to be to instill a sense of traditional love in audiences that isn’t skewered by kinky hookups between strangers that obviously leads to all sorts of bad things instead of looking for a stable relationship. Not gonna lie, I’ll probably still see “Fifty Shades” when it comes out, but I’m also going to support that “little guy” and check out “Old Fashioned” when it hits theatres the same day as “Fifty”…Valentine’s Day, of course! What do you guys think? Will you see “Old Fashioned” just out of moral obligation, or does it pique your interest even in the slightest?



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