still-alice-posterWell, as I sat here on my Monday night, perusing the broad (and I mean broad) variety of trailers that assaulted my vision, only one really stuck out. So just like this trailer, I’m going to get down right dramatic. Kidding. But this trailer is seriously good!

This film has been getting some buzz for a while now, so I probably should have written about it a month ago, but I must’ve forgotten. Ha! That’s a pun that will make sense in a second.  The film stars Julianne Moore as Alice, a mother, wife and linguistics professor whom is diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s disease.  Pun retroactively, and shamelessly, intended.  Okay, I digress.

The shiny happy family includes Alice, her husband John (Alec Baldwin), and threesome of grown children, of which the most prominent character is unfortunately Kristen Stewart‘s Lydia.  As we get a touching glimpse into Alice’s life as a mother and teacher, we see that she is has a wonderful life and career, among which she is very well-respected for her work as a linguist.  In the middle of a presentation, Alice suddenly finds herself struggling to come up with words.  Cut to Alice going for a leisurely run.  This leads her to the middle of a metropolitan area with an utterly discombobulated look on her face, conveying that she has no idea how or why she ended up there.  Julianne Moore’s facial expressions alone are enough to evoke immediate sympathy for this character.  As she later sits her family down to announce that she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we get a montage of Alice spiraling down into a frighteningly realistic look at what it’s like to live with this disease.  Naturally, we have an uplifting endingkstew-still-alice with Alice choosing to overcome her challenges and saying that all she can do is “live in the moment.”  It’s a message we’ve heard all too often with these kinds of dramas, but this film looks great.

The trailer is fast-paced, to the point and highlights some of Julianne Moore’s best work, in my humble opinion.  I’ve never had a problem with her as an actress, but I have never considered myself a fan of hers, until now. This trailer alone made me a fan of Julianne Moore.  I can’t imagine the emotional range and capacity it must take to portray a character with this kind of depth, but she seems to pull it off very well…and has been garnering the buzz to prove it.

It’s already out, so why are you still reading this?! Go see “Still Alice,” before you forget! Okay, I’m done.



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