SmashCut Talk thumbnailI’ve been out to a few art exhibits here in Los Angeles as well as the Getty Museum over the past couple of months. The modern, postmodern and current art works I’ve seen at these exhibits leaves me wondering if we will ever see the likes of such artistic periods that are represented in the halls of the Getty Museum or the Louvre.  The so-called art that makes its way onto the walls of these galleries here in LA is abysmal.  A terrific piece by Stephen Hicks over at Atlas Society from 2004 asks and tries to answer the question as to why art became ugly.  He doesn’t just claim it that art is ugly, he acknowledges it as fact and asks why.

In the end he wonders when the revolution against ugly art will begin.  Can anyone point to artists who are contributing paintings worthy of study, worthy of admiration, even just worthy of the paint that was used to give it life?   We are long overdue.


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