AI XIVBe sure to read up on my introduction to this season here along with my summary of the Top 8 guys.

And now for the girls…

I have my favorites, and they probably won’t change.  Overall, I think the guys this season the guys are stronger than the girls – and depending on how things continue to go, a guy will probably win.  That said, the girls that are good are out of this world – “goosies” and all.

_AI14_Adanna-Duru_MB621_0ADANNA DURU: sing in tune, gurrrrl.

Any time an American Idol critique involves the note to sing in tune, it can’t be a good sign.  However, considering she wasn’t the only contestant that got this note last night (cringe), she may have a chance.  And of all the girls that have some “key” issues, she’s definitely one of the best…

ALEXIS GOMEZ: The Barefoot ContestantAI14_Alexis-Gomez_MB0015

This chick was the last one to get through this evening.  She definitely would not have been my pick – I just don’t think she’s that good!  And the barefoot thing? Come on! I’d live barefoot if I could – but what you’re doing is a little too gimmicky sweetheart.  Even Joey Cook’s squeezebox is less gimmicky than your bare feet.

AI14_Jax_MB0004JAX: One word – Jax

And now for the one at the top of my list.  She was the second to last called up tonight – making my heart race in anticipation!  She is by far the one to beat (unless, perhaps, your name is Tyanna Jones).  This spunky spirit with a close-knit family and a killer style, she is the total package.  Made for American Idol, yet totally unique.   She is also the only contestant (possibly ever?) that has (and needs) only one name.

Instead of looking at her most recent performance, let’s take a step back in time and watch her audition that stole my heart.

I really hope she is the last one standing – but I’m sure she’ll be in the top 4.

JOEY COOK: so quirky goodAI14_Joey-Cook_MB869

I don’t always buy weird, but when I do, it’s name is Joey Cook.  There is nothing she could do that wouldn’t feel authentically her.  It will be interesting to see how American Idol tries to mold her, but I have a feeling she is confident enough to not be molded.  She is irresistibly unusual, but always has a great time doing her thang – and no one can deny that she is effin good at what she does.  With all her outfits and hair colors and (unfortunately) yellow teeth, she is somehow captivating to watch and even more captivating to hear.

AI14_Loren-Lott_MB736_1 LOREN LOTT: singer, actress, blah blah blah

A pretty face for American Idol – she is the polished “pretty girl.”  But I don’t really think she deserves as much praise as she’s getting.  Also, just for the record, I realize the AI is a platform people use to get their name and face out there – and not always with the need or intention of winning.  This girl is an actress from San Diego.  I’m not saying she would have an easy time of it without the boost she’ll get from being on AI, but the best stories are those of the ones that come from very little, nowhere near Los Angeles, and push through to become the next big star – without the expectation, but with pure passion.  I don’t get that from her.  So, bye bye.

MADDIE WALKER: Not-So Sweet 16AI14_Maddie-Walker_MB111

Firstly, until tonight I did not care for her.  She was picked to be in the top 24 in a weird, overly contrived and produced “call back” – after she was let go, the judges brought her back with another girl, and chose to keep Maddie over the other one.  Painful.

Secondly, I wish she would just dress her age.  Perfectly blown out hair, beauty pageant make-up, and skin tight dresses don’t exactly shout 16.  It’s a little over the top, but tonight she proved she should be here.

_AI14_Sarina-Joi-Crowe_MB387SARINA-JOI CROWE: 4th time’s a charm

She is the girl next door contestant.  Everyone is rooting for her because this is her fourth time on the show – first time making it past the auditioning stage… I like her, but I know she’s not for everyone.  I want her to make it, but she was another one with a “Stay in Tune” critique from the judges.   She has understated diva quality – and I hope she gets a chance to show that off.

TYANNA JONES: the real dealAI14_Tyanna-Jones_MB0010-white

Tonight Harry asked her “is there anything you can’t sing?”  Pretty sure that should sum up her future on this show and beyond.

She is the girl who comes from the hardest background and could come out on  the very top.  She is the American Idol story, and has every bit of raw, natural and easy talent to prove it.  She makes for a good case against Jax.

My predictions:

Who I think will go home next week? Alexis Gomez & Adanna Duru

Who do I want to go home next week? Alexis Gomez & Loren Lott

Check in next week to find out!


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