In my home, I do not have cable – nor do I have DVR, or any other live TV recording technology.  For some, this may seem like an impossible way of life, however, for me it has been liberating.  As someone who could easily be kept hostage by a plethora of recorded TV shows from any number of 500 possible channels, I have found peace in not thinking about what’s on TV, or how I will make time for so many wasted hours.  However, I have decided to try a social experiment called “Watch American Idol Live Every Week for the Entire Season,” or, in other words, watching TV the old fashioned way.  I am doing this mainly because I had a crazy desire to reconnect with America’s favorite pastime (American Idol), and this is the only surefire way to see this adventure through.

Because I have now made it my job to be home every Wednesday and Thursday night at 8pm, I may as well make that job something greater than watching a show and pigging out.  Which is why I would like to bring to you my weekly account of AI, with my critiques, praises, and predictions.  I have now been watching since day one of auditions, and feel I have a strong enough foundation to make educated and well rounded opinions of each contestant and their roll in this season’s cast.  Overall, I must say, this is one of the best seasons I have seen in a long time – most well produced, great judging panel, strong contestants, and Harry Connick Jr. (yum).

A brief background for anyone who has not yet tuned in:

american_idol_13874043714193THE HOST:

Ryan Seacrest is the last remaining original cast member of this show – even Randy Jackson has stepped away.  Ryan Seacrest, or, the new Dick Clark, will never be anything but perfect in his role and American Idol staple.  This show would essentially crumble without him. And just to quell any concerns, Ryan Seacrest’s wardrobe is provided by his very own Ryan Seacrest Distinction (RSD)

THE JUDGES: The latest panel of judges is by far the best we’ve had in years:

Keith Urban is meh, but appeals to many.

Jennifer Lopez looks better than ever – I could stare at her for days.

Harry Connick Jr. is the dreamy, not mean-y, Simon Cowell.

THE CONTESTANTS: We’ll get into the details later, but all I gotta say is – there is actual talent on the show, and they didn’t waste time showcasing the clowns of the auditioning process (praise the Lord we didn’t have any William Hungs.)

Voting and live shows started last week – but this week, the first round of eliminations were announced, as those with enough votes were each invited to perform on stage. The four guys and four girls with the lowest number of votes were all sent home, leaving the Top 16 to carry on until next week.  So here we go…

ADAM EZEGELIAN:  rock on, chubs!

I really like him and want him to do well – but I don’t have much faith in America when it comes to  voting for overweight, geekyAI14_Adam-Ezegelian_FOR_CASS guys with double chins, awkward skin, and big hair.  That said, I have high hopes for him, and think  he could go far.  He’s super talented and fun to watch – he is the right man for the job for anyone who likes Jack Black.  Funny, playful, endearing, and crazy good voice.  He’s not “American Idol” material in his looks, but he kills it with his performances – and the judges always seem to find a nice way of pointing out his physical drawbacks in contrast with his amazing vocal ability.

CLARK BECKHAM: soul, soul, white man soul

AI14_Clark-Beckham_MB0004If he had an album out right now – I would buy it.  This is the guy to watch – and if there is any reason to tune in each week, it is to hear this soulful, gritty voice that drips from the mic like butta.  Just so natural, just oh-so delicious.  He’s  going all the way… I said it first.

DANIEL SEAVEY: little boy wonder…meh.AI14_Daniel-Seavey_MB_6

I laughed when, in his background video, he referenced something he used to do when he was little.  As if it was in the past, so long ago.  He’s only here for the teeny boppers, and has his voice begins to crack, so will his so-called fans.

AI14_Mark-Andrew_MB504MARK ANDREW: father with a dream

I like him, and I like that the judges are rooting for him.  With his nice little sob story that tugs at the heartstrings, he may have a chance to keep his fans hooked.  And his folky, hipster style will definitely keep his ratings up.  However, to be perfectly honest, his attempt at Motown last night, felt more like Karaoke night at a local dive bar… no bueno, Mark-o – not sure we’ll see you back next week.

NICK FRADIANI: ….AI14_Nick-Fradiani_MB0001

In every live game show, there is always one contestant who is too “normal” to remember.  Sorry, Nick, but you’re it this time around. But I’m afraid you make the girlies swoon too much with your infectious smile to go anywhere (Harry  even swooned for it).  But just in case you’re in the mood to study some English, the word “yours” (as in “signed sealed delivered, I’m yours“) is pronounced Y-O-U-R-S, and not Y-O-S.  You’re missing a full U and R here, honey.  Stop it.


QAASIM MIDDLETON: beautifully funky.

No words needed.  Just watch and learn.

And he’s a virgin (for now.)

QUENTIN ALEXANDER: bohemian cutie pieAI14_Quentian-Alexander_MB0016

I hopped on his bandwagon during Hollywood Week.  I genuinely like him – and may have a little crush on him (even with the braces).  However, I’m a little surprised he went through, especially over puppy-dog eyed Michael Simeon.  Hope he sticks around…


RAYVON OWEN: Pharell + Gap Ad

He’s adorable, he has charisma, and this week, he proved with a classic favorite that he belongs in this competition.  Quite a talent that finds its way out of the shell.  Silky Silky Smooth.

To sum this up, as I am waaaaay beyond my word limit here, this competition is just getting started.  Here we have a summary of the guys.  Next week two more will be eliminated, along with two girls, making our official Top 12 for the show.  That’s when the kit gloves come right off.

My predictions:

Who I think will be going home next week? Mark Andrew & Quentin Alexander

Who do I want to go home next week? Daniel Seavey & Nick Fradiani

Stay tuned and find out!!

To learn about the girls, click here.


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