Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.28.00 PMAnnouncing Why I Murdered My Roommate a new television and trans-medial series set and filmed in Buffalo, New York and sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

The project is a creation of three graduates of the Taliesin Nexus 2014 Filmmaker’s Workshop (renamed Apollo Workshop).  Feeling inspired by the fact that there was a sympathetic group of liberty-loving filmmakers out there, longtime friends Michael Pauly and Tilke Hill decided to finish working on a script exploring one woman’s desire to live outside of anyone or anything’s control and what ensues when she decides that to be a radical individualist doesn’t have to mean rejecting all human bonds.

Why I Murdered My Roommate is a half-hour dark comedy series where the hash absurdity of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets the twisty, violence-promising flashback storytelling of Damages or The Affair.  It is the story of EZ Walensa, performance artist, borderline anarchist, and lonely woman looking to make a genuine connection.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.28.09 PMThrough new content providers, comic books, video games, and social media, EZ uploads her side of the story to the dark net to share how her search for female friendship led to murder.

At the Filmmaker’s Worksop, Tilke and Michael met Dorian Electra, a talented artist who has created numerous awesome music videos about Friedrich Hayek and other economic issues.  She is the perfect actress to round out the triple threat of female leads.

They begin shooting the pilot on April 2 and are extremely excited about the team they have assembled on and off screen.  This project was classified as a charitable one, so any funds we raise are tax-deductible.  Check out the campaign and web presence, and thank you in advance for reading about our work.

Help fund the project at IndieGoGo, follow on Twitter @WIMMR_Universe, and on Facebook.

[Editor’s note: this post was submitted by series producers.]


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