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As a lifelong horror movie addict, I’ve heard all the complaints about the genre’s decline. I’ve made those complaints myself. Mainstream horror today is a parade of by-the-book stories, CGI, and irritating, too-good-looking characters you want dead from the first frame. Where did the horror movies go where the star looked like Tom Atkins or Kurt Russell? What happened to the fun?

The Restaurant is the result of me sitting down to write the kind of movie I’d want to see. It’s both a horror film and a comedy in the tradition of such classics as Ghostbusters and An American Werewolf in London. I wanted the leads to be relatable. The writing had to be lively and funny. And I’m firmly in the Lovecraft camp: the monster in a horror film should be cosmic, hateful, and a little ridiculous.

In The Restaurant, a sleazy manager named Andy has made a deal with a being he doesn’t understand to bring success to his business. Competition in New York being as fierce as it is, and critics and foodies being notoriously hard to impress, Andy has given up on playing the game and chosen to cheat by appealing to a higher power. The price? His soul, and the lives of countless guests. The demon lives in the basement, where Andy brings him sacrifices once or twice a week. One of Andy’s busboys, Jeremy, grows determined to stop this obscenity even if it means shutting down the restaurant and losing his job. But not all his coworkers feel the same. After all, business is good and Exses made a promise (whatever that’s worth) not to harm Andy’s employees. What happens next?

The Restaurant

Our team is a growing crew of actors, musicians, comics, military veterans, writers and producers who are coming together to make this movie. We’re using Kickstarter to raise a budget adequate to secure the effects, locations, and equipment we need.

I believe that Kickstarter upholds precisely the ideals this blog is about. Filmmakers like me are trying to break through the media power structure to deliver something fresh to the consumer. How better to do that than by gathering a community of people who want what we’re offering?

If you want to see The Restaurant, please support my team and give us the opportunity to make a kick-ass horror film. The power is in your hands. Our Kickstarter ends on April 19th so the time to pledge your support is now. Thanks for reading and for considering The Restaurant.

Check out the Kickstarter here.


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