I missed last week! I mean, I didn’t miss the show, I just missed my post.  So sorry to ALL my fans and followers…

boy george 2 So before I get into the nitty gritty of this week (or the overall of this and last week), I have to take a  moment for my one true love, and the highlight that was last week’s episode – Boy George.  For anyone who doesn’t know, he was the guest mentor on last weeks episode, stepping in oh-so appropriately for 80’s night.  While I’m fully prepared to skip the contestant review of last week and jump straight to this week, I cannot let Mr. George go unrecognized.

My love for Boy George can best be summed up this way: you know you’ve met your future boy-george-back-whenhusband/soul mate when you learn that you have both dressed up as Boy George for halloween.  (To this day, it was one of my best costumes).  Boy George is the one who triggered my love for beautiful androgyny, with his sparkling eyes, delicate features, and perfectly primped and made-up face.  There was a time that Culture Club was my day in and day out soundtrack, and hearing any culture club song now is a totally fun trip down memory lane.  Needless to say, Boy George as the guest mentor on Idol was the greatest perk of the week!  And even with his short hair and frumpier body, he is still as striking and attractive as ever.

The scariest part was that some of these kids (Maddy Walker, mainly) had never even heard of him! Eeeeek!

On to this week… the week of Kelly Clarkson.

Unlike their lack of Boy George knowledge, most of these contestants actually grew up idolizing Kelly, as she won the first American Idol when they were all quite young (Daniel Seavey was 3).

My descriptions this week will be short and sweet, as I will attempt to combine this week and last in the most concise manner I can.  By now we know who everyone is and what their strengths and weaknesses are.  We have officially hit the part of the competition that is all about whittling it down to the cream of the crop.  And if you ask me, the next few weeks should be easy peasy: I think we could get it down to the top 4 pretty quickly.

This week we start without Maddy Walker AND Adanna Duru (Yup! Double eliminations last week – boohoo.)

This week we will have a live elimination, as the bottom two will fight for a new “fan save” live on Twitter.  Before we get there, I’m going to predict it will be between Rayvon Owen & Daniel Seavey.  Rayvon will go home…  I’ll report back at the end.

Nick Fradiani was voted through first.  I still think he’s boring. So I have nothing interesting to say about him because he’s not an interesting contestant.  It’s only a matter of time before he meets his doom on this show.  He’s NOT going to be here for much longer.

Jax-Cole-American-Idol-Top-9Jax killed it.  She just killed it.  She sang Beautiful Disaster in such a gorgeous way, with a stunning Stevie Nicks-esque getup.  She’s just rad.  And for anyone that missed last week, be sure to check out her Bon Jovi performance.  So punk-rock cool and every bit as fresh as always.  I have no concerns about her fate for next week. #voteforjax

Tyanna – as much as I like this girl, and absolutely dug her in her audition and early on in the competition, I feel like she is drowning here a little bit.  I hesitate to say this, but she’s becoming a little forgettable to me.  That said, she had one of her best performances tonight.  There is no doubt about it, she is one talented chick.

joeycookenagementJoey Cook – the queen of making every song exclusively hers – did it again.  While Miss Independent is perhaps one of the more recognizable Kelly Clarkson songs, Joey made this jazz-tastic.  A little smokey room with velvet ropes is all that was missing – and it was just wonderful, as usual.  She got rave reviews, and she definitely redeemed herself from her flailing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun from last week – last week she showed her mortality, but this week she is back with a vengeance.  And on top of that, she’s a newly engaged girl! Congrats Joey!!

Quentin, once again, didn’t deliver quite the performance he could have.  Don’t get me wrong, he is one of my favorites Quentin-Alexander-02-750because he’s so dang sexy.  (did you see his oversized mohair coat last week? yessiree).  Here’s the thing – for as much as the judges drool over him for the same reason that I do, Harry is always right in his criticisms.  This week he called Quentin out on his BS – he simply doesn’t have the necessary technical training to walk with he big boys.  And he knows it.  A pretty voice and artistic quality can only get you so far – and it won’t get you the gold.

Qaasim found himself in a similar position as Quentin this week.  Because we know he’s safe this week, I’m going out on a limb and predicting he will be going home next week.  He will at least be in the bottom two.   He showed his true colors and true weakness this week – he’s just not as strong a singer as he is dancer and performer.  I could watch him on stage all day… until he sat down with just a mic and a guitar.  It was a bit more than painful, and the hard part was he knew it.  But I think that he proved what the judges have been saying all along – that he’s not a strong vocalist.  And lets be honest – this is a vocalist’s show (or at least it’s supposed to be).  While he was honest about it not being his strongest performance, I’m not sure that honesty is enough to save him.  For the first time it felt like we’re too late in this competition to be hearing critiques like this.  I thought we’ve evolved…

Clark stood his ground tonight.  He followed up last weeks incredible Every Breath You Take with another outstanding number.  He is just hauntingly good, and if he continues on this trajectory, he’s running away with this competition.

Now for the bottom two… as suspected, it came down to Daniel Seavey and Rayvon Owen.

Poor Daniel, with his unfortunate bout of laryngitis (or is this just puberty finally rearing it’s ugly head) really struggled with this performance.  Sometimes, we’re put to the test to be weeded out.  This week may be his final test (which would be a-ok with me).

Rayvon definitely put up a fight.  He is talented, but similar to Nick Fradiani, he’s just a tad bland and boring.  That said, if we’re discussing the bottom two, he was definitely the stand out.  Not memorable, but not plagued with all the cracking.

0312_MET_danielseavey_1_t770And the one going home this week is…. Daniel Seavey!  Finally!!

(my prediction earlier was based on what I thought would happen, but this is how I was hoping it would go).

Next Week:

Who I want to go home: Nick Fradiani

Who I think will go home: Qaasim