What’s your favorite scary movie? Well, in this case, TV show?

Horror on television has famously become more and more popular with the rise in quality of TV in general.  Shows like “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story” have seen huge success, which obviously leads to producers thinking that they can make ANYTHING work.  Well, I hope that’s true! The latest company to join the bandwagon is MTV, with its’ reboot of the “Scream” franchise…in TV form.

screamThe trailer opens up with a hot, young girl walking through her house alone at night, telling her Smart Phone to turn the “music on.”  She gets into a skimpy bathing suit and gets into a hot tub before getting a text message that says “Heads up.”  Then naturally, a severed head flies into the hot tub next to her, she screams and is then soon slaughtered herself.   Okay! I like where this is going.  The first thing I noticed is that they nabbed a well known young actress to be the first kill, in the same vain as the original “Scream” in 1996, when everyone expected Drew Barrymore to be one of the main protagonists, but she only lasted 10 minutes before getting the axe!

Then we are introduced to a pretty familiar cast of characters.  The innocent looking good girl, the nerdy movie geek, the popular girl and the mysterious bad boy.  The high school party scenes, the darkly lit garage occupied by a lonely girl about to get thrown on the cutting room floor.  The trailer hit some great marks and actually got my hopes pretty high for this show!  I am typically very critical of TV trailers in general because they usually run too long and don’t have the same “WOW”-factor as movie trailers.  But this was shockingly cinematic, especially for being MTV, and paid great homage to its’ origins in the “Scream” film franchise.

I’m really curious as to how they will make this show work, since it’s a slasher and you can only kill off so many people before we get into a routine and stop caring.  But hey, “The Walking Dead” is now famous for killing off some of its’ most important characters and look at that phenomenon!

“Scream: The TV Series” will hit a TV screen near you (or right behind you!?) on June 30th.