“The American Classics”

We’re back for another riveting American Idol this week – not only do we have the (now standard) “Idol fan save,” but each contestant sings 2 songs!  Yikes!


She started off the show with “Why Do Fools Fall in Love.” I thought this was a killer song choice for her, and a great one to open the show, even though Keith questioned if America wanted to hear this song.  She sang it with such ease and grace.  As much as she wants to be a singing star, if she can act, I totally see her on Broadway.  She has the type of voice that makes one walk out of a theater singing show tunes for the next week.

For the second round she busted out some CCR with “Proud Mary,” and she definitely nailed it.  Her voice with her sparkly outfit was definitely a wow factor for everyone.

AI14_Clark-Beckham_MB0004Clark began his first of two performances with a little Stevie Wonder – jammin his guitar and killer vocals with the band to “Superstition, and lookin damn good while at it.  Overall a great start, as he received zero negative critiques from the judges (although Keith Urban did suggest how he could become a tad sexier, a la a pretty australian country singer we all know too well, by letting the guitar hang a little bit lower on his body) and he practically got a standing ovation from all the girls (and some guys) in the room.

He came back with a little Frank Sinatra’s “Moon River,” ditching his guitar for a spot at the piano.  But, I feel I almost don’t need to spend too much time here, because there is no doubt he is running away with this competition.

And then Keith comes back with a call back to round one… and it was pretty funny. With his only suggestion being to have the piano dropped a little lower and closer to the ground.

Jax wears Janis Joplin very well.  This is one of my favorite songs ever… and Jax was one of the most interesting renditions I’ve heard.  So rock and roll, and so sultry sexy.  She’s just rad.

This chick came back with a little MJ for everyone – rockin out on stage having the time of her life.  And to my somewhat pleasant surprise, the judges loved it.  She’s solid, once again.

Nick Fradiani busted out a little classic Tom Petty for us tonight. Just like Jax’s Joplin choice, American Girl is one of my favorite songs – but Nick is one of my least favorite contestants.  I’m having a serious internal struggle right now because this was a great performance! I’ve got to give it to him – he totally nailed it.  Also, regardless of all the annoyances I find while watching him each week, my hubby (who may or may not have been listening to the American Idol contestants on Spotify today) said that Nick has a stellar voice that is totally radio ready when you’re only listening to it… and J Lo seconded that sentiment this evening.  So maybe there is something there.

For his second round I closed my eyes (I know if I watch him, it will be ruined for me).  He came out with Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young” with his own arrangement.  I have to admit, he has a great voice.  Still a boring performer – I would not buy a ticket to his concert – but he has earned points this week in my book.  I suppose he is in it to win it.

Quentin was the next name called.  So let’s take a moment and recognize the biggest shocker this week – this means the Joey Cook is in the bottom two (pray she gets the fan save).  Quentin brought some Lenny Kravitz to the stage tonight (womp womp).  While this was not amazing (and definitely not worth a save over Joey), he did look mighty sexy in his chainmail situation.

But he had to end his first moment on stage with a fairly awkward moment with a bit of an attitude problem. Not sure that will sit well with too many peeps (and surely not with Harry).

Quentin came back with his emotions raging with Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”  While it was good, I’m afraid he is not a good note taker.  When we’re down to the top seven, and Harry is still giving you the same note, chances are you’re a little to self involved to take the note like a champ.  And after he outburst earlier (even though he did redeem himself after his second performance), I’m thinking this might be his last safe week…

AI14_Joey-Cook_MB869Joey went next with the iconic jazz standard My Funny Valentine and I have one thing to say… eff the judges. It was great, she was Joey, and all is good in the world.  She deserves to stay way over Rayvon, so it kills me that the judges gave her such so-so remarks.

She came back with a vengeance, proving herself with Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love” and seemed to impress everybody.   Hopefully this is enough to keep her here at least another week!

Rayvon had a terrible song choice for his first one. And fortunately the judges agreed.

He came back with a stellar rendition of Willie Nelson’s “You Are Always on my Mind.”  It was just beautiful, and he finally brought emotion to the stage.  Also, one of my favorite songs, and I’m happy that he did it justice.  There is no doubt he has a very pretty voice – and he kills it when he does it well.

The one we say goodbye to tonight is…  Joey Cook (Whaaaaaaaat?!?!?!)

America got it so wrong.   All I can say is, I wish people would vote based on the weekly trends of the contestant – not solely based on tonight’s performances.   If it’s your 3rd week in the bottom two, don’t you think you’ve earned your ticket home?

As for next week, my tune is slightly changing:

Who do I Want to go home: Quentin (or Rayvon)

Who do I Think is going home: Quentin (mainly due to tonight’s tense moment)