What’s invisible, stretchy, rock hard and on fire? This trailer! Or at least the cast is… Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” is about 3 months from theatrical release and with that impending doom (ha!) comes a new full-length trailer.

I’ve tackled this issue before, but to reiterate, I’ve been pretty stoked about this film since I heard Trank was first attached.  “Chronicle” was a great film with a dark edge that I thought would be great for a reboot of Marvel’s first family.  Then all the production nightmare stories started floating around about Trank trashing the set and the cast wanting to back out, etc.  But none of that would have ever crossed my mind having just viewed the second trailer!

What I like about this is that they seem to be going for a grittier tone than the cartoon-ish catastrophe that was the Jessica Alba versions of this story.  This time, instead of going into space in a horriblyF4-cast CGI-ed space craft, the four are heading into another dimension entirely! Naturally all things go awry and while they’re away, the dimension seemingly comes to life and transforms them forever.  Here, we get an even better glimpse at the characters, and not just their powers.  The camaraderie comes across much more and Reed Richards (Miles Teller) even states at one point that he just wants to fix his friends.  Aw.  Don’t we all wish we had friends who would go to such lengths for us?


We also get our first look at Dr. Doom! I’m hoping he’ll have more than two lines about the world coming into “doom” but we’ll have to wait and see.  The action here looks great too.  Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by the Fantastic Four’s superpowers more than any other superhero, so it sucks that they’ve had such a hard time being decently translated to the big screen.  Hopefully this is their comeback!

Check it out in theatres August 8th!