Firstly, let me apologize for taking a break last week. But honestly, the show was too boring to spend much energy on.  As it is, this show is becoming a little too stretched out for 2 hours of programming.  We could easily fit everything into an hour, and it would be so much more enjoyable.  I’m basically falling asleep by the end of the 2 hours… at this point, I’m reconsidering my commitment to watching this season in real time.  What I would give to fast forward through commercials and all the unnecessary mishegoss.

Quentin went home, which was expected, and Rayvon won the fan save, yet again…

Harry Idol XIVSo here we are this week, with our Top 5 being dwindled to the Top 4 (without the fan save this week).  Before we get into the contestants, let’s discuss our favorite judges.  First, let’s talk about J Lo’s outfit.  It’s a little rough with the glittery leopard print – but if anyone can do it, she can.  That is all.

The themes for this week are 1) songs from the Judges’ home state (even though this show is not about the judges) and 2) the contestant’s “soul” songs – or, as Harry likes to put it – their “gravy” song.

So, we have New York for J Lo, New Orleans for Harry, and, naturally, Nashville for Keith… really?  Don’t you think we should be bringing in some classic Australian anthems here?

Lastly, Harry performed this evening (yummm… so dreamy.)

Now for the AI go getters…

Clark Of course he’s starting the show! No need for y’all to hold us in suspense for this guy – we all know he’s going to the end.  We also learned tonight that we wants to be Justin Timberlake.  Somehow I never would have guessed this, but I understand it, and I don’t blame him… his gravy song choice began with a little bit of tension and controversy, as the producer Scott Borschetta argued with him about picking this song.  The judges also didn’t love this song choice, but Clark stood right by his choices the whole time, and I must say his conviction is really admirable.  I hope this week doesn’t hurt him.

Jax The “true artist” of the show proved her perseverance tonight singing through a raspy voice.  Judges loved it, and it’s true that when she sits behind the piano, she really can do no wrong.  Her first song was fine and well done.  Her second “gravy” song knocked it out of the park… she was honest, vulnerable, and beautiful.  Loved her from her audition, and I’m sure she’ll be here until the end!

Nick is back and sticking around at least another week.  He just keeps going “up and up and up” climbing to the top.  As J Lo pointed out, he’s peaking at just the right time.  No idea what will happen, but if he ends up the American Idol, I will be truly shocked.  That said, he is proving himself more and more each week as we near the finale, so at this point, anything could happen.

And the fourth spot goes to…

Rayvon came on with Lady Antebellum’s “Need  You Now” but he needed more.  Very pretty, but it’s the same old story of lacking connection.  Yet, for the first time, Harry gave good remarks while the other two gave so-so’s.  Harry thought he sang the pants off of it…

His gravy song was Justin Bieber’s Believe, which he dedicated (and sang to) his mother.  It took his gravy song to connect with the audience the way everyone has been waiting for.  He was a big hit.

Tyanna Jones says goodbye this evening.  I am shocked that Rayvon went through without the fan save this week, and I’m sad to see Tyanna go.  But I didn’t think she was going to win, so I suppose she’s better off

It pains me to say this, but Clark was the weakest tonight.  I don’t even want to think this way, but between Jax, Nick, Rayvon and Clark, I’m afraid Clark has a chance of going home next week…. But PLEASE don’t let that happen.

So for next week –

Who do I want to go home next week: Rayvon Owen

Who do I think will go home next week (reluctantly): Clark Beckham


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