In our ongoing series* highlighting the film projects that were produced during the 100 day challenge laid out by Taliesin Nexus’ Liberty Lab for Film, we bring you the comedy webseries C.A.R.E. Force created by comedy writer Crystal Hubbard and fiction writer Mike Pauly (both SCC contributors).  The series centers on an obscure law enforcement agency that may or may not be fighting actual crime.  Nonetheless, they exist to enforce the laws that time forgot.

SCC: What drew you to be a filmmaker?

Mike Pauly: I’ve always felt compelled to tell stories. The medium of film/television reaches the widest possible audience and can have the most impact.

Crystal Hubbard: I was too old to be Indiana Jones.

SCC: What inspired the story behind C.A.R.E Force?

CH: The original idea grew out of Mike’s pitch that involved a more X-Files approach, which snowballed into Dragnet, which got spun into looking at NTSF:SD:SUV as a tonal sample that we both liked.

SCC: What influence, if any, do you hope this story has on the culture?

MP: I hope the series gets people to realize that at their base, every law and regulation, even the ridiculous ones, are backed by armed force. So any attempt to regulate should be viewed with a skeptical eye.

CH: Ideally, when it launches, I’d like it to be a web comedy that brings people from all walks of life, with all sorts of view points on law enforcement, city ordinances, lawmaking, etc., with the simple goal of showing the folly that often crops up when we try to make criminals out of every day citizens.  Looking at shows like Inside Amy Schumer right now, that are tackling big social issues, and approaching them from a wry, sometimes sad, but also hopeful point of view, is, in my opinion, some of the most satisfying types of comedy to write and film.  I would hope CARE FORCE could do that in a more serialized way.

You can watch the trailer for C.A.R.E Force below and be sure to check out the Liberty Lab for Film to learn more and apply for this year’s challenge.

(*you can find the first of the series here. )