Don’t click away just yet…this isn’t that aimless, laughless comedy about Google that you’ve probably never seen…or at the very least never remembered.  No, this is something different entirely. Trust me, that’s a good thing!  “The Intern” brings together a very unlikely duo in Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway, which is only the beginning of the genius behind this comical concept!

The first shot sets this “buddy dramedy” up perfectly.  A young, successful interviewer aintern-screenshotsks the dreaded and most contrived interview question of all time, “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”  Sitting opposite him is not another young and hungry interviewee hoping to land a big first job. No, it’s 70-year-old Ben (DeNiro), whom retorts with the best answer…”When I’m 80?”  Hilarious.

Cut to Ben entering his new internship working for Jules Ostin (Hathaway), whose chemistry here is immediately undeniable.  As the two begin working together, we see Ben completely immersed in a world he doesn’t understand with new age millenials running the show.  Jules is the CEO of an online fashion site and although she’s seemingly Ben’s successful superior, her dramatic arc seems to center on the fact that she might not be as experienced and cut-out for the job as she thought.  You’re sure to laugh and cry and be horribly offended at the cross-generational jokes that are understood by some, and over the heads of others.

Obviously the appeal of comedy is the unexpected, and this film seems to turn the entire genre on its’ head with a compilation of characters and story we haven’t seen before…at least not in anything memorable!  The juxtaposition at play here with a 70-year-old intern is original and hilarious, on top of the fact that his superior is a very young, female CEO — priceless.  I’m all about this for so many reasons.  It has the potential to reach across different generations as well, which, let’s be honest…when is it not hysterical to see an old person trying to function a laptop?

Anyway, grab your Depends and prepare to wet yourself (too far?) this September!