Smash Cut Culture is proud to support the up & coming filmmakers who make up part of the nexus that is Taliesin Nexus. Please take a moment to check out alum Jeremy Michael Cohen’s pitch for his latest feature film project Yinz and its Kickstarter campaign below:

Today we’re launching the Kickstarter campaign for my first feature film as a director. The film is called YINZ, and it’s inspired by growing up in my Rust Belt hometown in Western Pennsylvania. I’m making the movie with Hailey Hansard, my long-time girlfriend and a working actress, and John Hermann, an experienced producer I’ve worked with before.

[caption id="attachment_4068" align="alignleft" width="360"]649277d5519bafe1589e8912c4ef54f0_original From the Kickstarter page for Yinz[/caption]

The first day is the most important time for any Kickstarter campaign. It’s the make-or-break day for whether it will go viral. We know not everyone can or wants to put money into a Kickstarter, and we’re cool by that. But we’d love and be grateful if you’d share the campaign with your friends today.

There’s a ton of information about YINZ on the Kickstarter page and in the video. However, we’ve come up with this nifty little phrase to sum up the movie: Yinz is a dark comedy about growing up in Western Pennsylvania. A violent and funny forbidden love story in the the heart of the Rust Belt.

I’d like to ask you to do two things, please:

1) Please visit our Kickstarter page and watch the video. We’re pre-selling the movie for $25, and we’ve put together some pretty cool rewards for higher levels of backing. There’s a ton more information about the project on the Kickstarter page. We’d love any comments you want to leave on the page, too. Watching the video and chipping in even a single dollar is the most important thing you can do for us. If you want a direct link to the campaign, it’s:

2) Please share our project on Facebook. You can share the Yinz campaign by clicking this link and Facebook will automagically share the Kickstarter. Most people find Kickstarter campaigns that interest them via Facebook. So aside from backing the campaign, the most valuable thing you can do for YINZ is share it on your Facebook page. You can also share on Facebook from the buttons on the Kickstarter page. If you prefer to go to Facebook and share the campaign yourself, the direct link is:

“What else can I do nice to support the campaign?” you might ask. Forward this email to a few friends or post it on Twitter. Even better, tell a few friends who you think the project might appeal to about it. Word-of-mouth is still awesome.

Hailey, John, and I are trying to make a fun movie that’s entertaining for the audience and also paints a picture of life in a small Rust Belt town. We’ll do our best to make a great movie and not waste your money or time.

And, of course, no hard feelings if this movie isn’t for you!

Thank you for your time and your support. I’m a lucky guy. I appreciate it!

Writer/director, Jeremy Michael Cohen.