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Blood Republic - Ebook SmallPRESS RELEASE James Duncan is the author of Blood Republic, arguably the first-ever “Libertarian” political-thriller. Published by Primal Light Press, the highly praised work of fiction has arrived just in time for the current-election cracks within the two-party system, leading many readers to the question, “did the author have a crystal ball?”
Corrupt politicians, crazed generals, biased media, NSA surveillance, and viral hate; Blood Republic examines current extremism through a heart-pumping thriller with the fate of the country at stake. Will America survive its next election, or collapse into a 2nd civil war of conservative versus liberal?
During the closing hours of the tightest presidential election in US history, firebrand Annie Daniels is a Democratic-socialist senator determined to win the White House. She dreams of eradicating injustice, and hopefully, saving her dying daughter’s life. Major Amos Daniels, her conservative Green Beret brother, might have something to say about that though, if her plans go against his faith. As an Electoral College tie nears, the country erupts into rioting, and Annie and Amos are thrust to opposite ends of a constitutional crisis with guns drawn. Will the Daniels family find common ground above ideology to prevent a second civil war? Or, will an unknown enemy-of-the-state escape justice while pushing the nation into chaos? Blood Republic will keep you on the edge of your seat guessing who the true villain is in a divided modern America, as well as force you to question your own political, scientific and spiritual beliefs. In the end, Mr. Duncan hopes it will not only entertain, but serve as a warning to the dangerous of close-minded thinking. James R Duncan is an alumnus of the prestigious Breadloaf literary conference, has had short fiction published in the award-winning “Home of the Brave” anthology, and sold two independent screenplays. Blood Republic is his first novel. Publisher note: As of August 7th, within only a month of publication, Blood Republic has hit #16 in Amazon Kindle’s Political-Thriller Bestseller’s list, right next to notables thriller authors such as Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Tom Clancy. As word spreads, and the election nears, we can only expect Blood Republic’s warning of a corrupted political system putting America into danger will continue to draw great sales and excellent reviews. If you are the associate of a Libertarian, or independent-minded political organization, please contact the publisher, Primal Light Press, about cross-promotion and affiliate sales opportunities.