Writing tends to be a lonely pursuit. Hours spent writing characters and imagining storylines doesn’t exactly count as social interaction. Plus, how is a writer to know if their manuscript is even working? The answer can be found in a strong writerly community. But if you are a writer that cares about liberty, free markets and the founding principles of America, you’ll find that your options for community are quite limited. Last year, I stumbled upon a little saving grace: the Calliope Authors Workshop, a program dedicated to fiction and nonfiction authors who share an interest in liberty-oriented themes.
As a writer, I find nothing more beneficial than listening to other writers critically reflect on my work. That (and more) is exactly what I found at Calliope. Between the workshop time and the excellent panel discussions with successful authors, agents, and editors, I received helpful answers to all the questions I couldn’t remedy on my own. I’ve even found ongoing support and community as I’ve kept in touch with writers I met there–one group from the 2015 workshop still meets on a monthly basis.
After two successful years, Taliesin Nexus and Liberty Island Media are teaming up again to provide another awesome group of writers, mentors, and publishing industry specialists that are excited and prepared to help workshop attendees learn to write and publish their work effectively. The workshop is free to attend for accepted applicants and includes a travel voucher to Los Angeles for September 8-10th, with room and board included.
I appreciated the 2016 workshop so much that I’m delighted to return as the director of this year’s program. More specific details about panelists and speakers are forthcoming, but we are excited about the all-star lineup we are planning. The Calliope Authors Workshop is the only one of its kind, and we hope the all-star liberty-loving writers out there will apply to join us.
You can apply (and find more information) on our website. Apply soon! The application deadline is June 30th. Email me at rebecca@talnexus.com with any questions.