There is a new drug out and it is called D. It splits the right and left hemisphere of your brain when abused too much. An undercover cop who is addicted to this new drug comes under investigation when suspected of drug abuse. The film involves several themes but most is the use of drugs and the war on them. There is an eerily familiar theme of government over-watch for our protection. This idea that they can keep us safe from ourselves. This world is faced with potential dangers such as drugs and addiction and in order to combat this the government assumes it must sneakily watch and attempt to control our lives. It is this endless cycle of the government creating drugs, people getting addicted, citizens begin arrested for said drugs, then the government rehabbing those individuals.

It is a cycle to keep prisons and rehabilitation centers full and money in the pockets of those creating the problems. Problems created in order to announce the importance and justify the destruction of people’s most basic human rights, like privacy protected under the 4th Amendment and disregarded by the Patriot Act.
What dangers do you see in our own society when you watch this film? What dangers do you see when you insist on government dependence?

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