Chinatown – Dissecting the Screenplay

In what a lesser film would treat as a forgettably functional, utilitarian scene in service of the next story beat, Towne infuses with situational humor, interpersonal politics, colorful character beats and mundane yet identifiable and immediately relatable stakes–on top of a stirring cornerstone revelation.

The Valley by Alfred Searls

Central Bosnia, February 1993      Armies had marched through the valley long before it had a name, long before the first hardy souls had dared to call it home. Within the lee of its steep walls the Goths and the Gepids had flowed westwards, ever westwards, so they...

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Prayer Therapy by Marisa Whitney

A light rain falls invisibly from a pure white sky. It does little to quench the warm November afternoon. Shannon is sitting on a picnic bench she has dragged close to the fire in her backyard. Her husband had asked her to burn the yard trimmings he collected the day...

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An Amazon’s Tale, Part Three by Dick Yaeger

Chapter 11 “INCOMING” blasted repeatedly from a loudspeaker above us. The robotic warnings pounded my head and numbed my thoughts. A second explosion—this one closer—overwhelmed the shrill siren. George pushed me to the ground, face down. He knelt beside me, his chest...

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Anomaly, Part Three by Jennifer Milne

Read Part One and Part Two of "Anomaly" first. TENThe Present When I got back, I found that my plan had worked exactly as I’d hoped it would. Honestly, my life was absolutely perfect. My Dad was still alive and he and my Mom were happy, Will and I were married and for...

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Orphan City by Bokerah Brumley

Maybe the position isn't as hard as the brochures imply.  I press my nose to the backseat glass as my hand drifts over the paper in my pants pocket.  Burn out rate could be a problem. The staff might be substandard. My thoughts run in circles. It's been twenty minutes...

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Chamber of Winds by Donald Crankshaw

In the Chamber of Winds, the secret center of the known world, Raxtus paid too much for an ugly gold statue. He'd had to call in every debt and every favor, and accrue a few of his own, to raise the funds. The black market price of the idol had been outrageous, not to...

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Hiram the Horse Whisperer

Hiram’s dad, Jesse, had no worries, despite the smirk on the carnival barker’s face.  This was a sure bet. Everyone knew these carnival ponies were trained to throw young boys on command, but the locals in the crowd also knew eleven-year old Hiram and his peculiar way...

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Anomaly, Part Two

To read Part One of "Anomaly" first, click here.  SIXThe Future It felt like I’d frozen. Then like I was on fire. Then what I imagined it felt like to be a square peg being shoved violently through a round hole. Then I was there. I was on top of the Washington...

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