Goodfellow By Andrew Klavan

I dreamed I was running through an open field at dusk, my mother calling to me in the distance. Then I woke up. There was a dead woman on the floor. Blood everywhere. Fists banging on the door....

Travel Musings By P.J. Walsh

Why do we travel? My great-great-grandparents traveled to America from Ireland because of the potato famine. That was a pretty good reason; no point in hanging around the old bog when there’s nothing left to do but starve to death. My favorite travel writer (though he...

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Lost in the Blur, Part 3 By Bokerah Brumley

They were going to roll into hell like they owned the place. That was the scope of their plan. Seated on a stolen motorcycle, they were going to force the warlord, Eglon the Fat, to give six-year-old Benjamin back. The two of them against unknown thousands. Those were...

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Habibi By Rebecca Kiswani

Melissa’s age never stops her from getting what she wants. She started smoking when  she was eleven. A year later she went to parties with her brother, confiscated keys from drunk people and drove them home in exchange for ten dollars. Now, being seventeen isn’t going...

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On Writing By M.G. Martin

One of my favorite memories of my teenage years was having the house to myself for most of the day. Without supervision or interruption, I could do what I pleased. What pleased me was to write. I had decided when I was quite young to be a writer. I loved stories. I...

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Anomaly, Part 1 By Jennifer Milne

anom·a·ly noun : deviation from the common rule : irregularity; 2 something anomalous : something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified One Things around me were always changing. Now I know what you’re thinking. That’s life. Time moves forward....

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An Amazon’s Tale, Part 1 By Dick Yaeger

Chapter 1 I reached out to touch the first-century Roman marble statue of the Wounded Amazon. “If you please, ma’am, don’t touch the artwork,” a nearby guard said with a smile. I grinned and nodded. I knew better but was drawn to the ancient figure, as I was to all...

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